UK Based Online Live Invigilation Solution

Uphold the integrity of every exam with Examlive's unmatched flexibility and scalability.

Using fully trained UK based Live invigilators we use the latest online software to provide institutions and training companies with the safest way to allow their learners to take online exams, anywhere and at any time they choose.


We use screen share technologies to allow candidates to take online exams at home or at work.

Fully recorded, ID checked monitored by a live invigilator throughout the duration of the exam.


Our Live Proctoring solution allows you to have to have a complete overview of what is happening during your exams. Using the learners webcam, we are able to have a full view of the test-taker for the full duration of the exam. The video feeds are carefully checked in real-time by our trusted proctors for any suspicious behaviour and recorded for future quality control checks.


Live invigilation cuts out the problems of test-takers taking exams on their own.

These can be camera issues, fire walls preventing the camera to share, in-correct settings and a whole host of other problems such as having to manually download software or go through logging in procedures.

With live invigilation test-takers require little or no computer skills and issues can be dealt with by the live invigilator.

Any logging in, software or password issues are dealt with for them. They just want to take the exam; live invigilation removes the stress.

This makes it easy for training companies to concentrate on sales, safe in the knowledge that their exams are completed, properly, with integrity and on time.


Candidates privacy is paramount, we are in sense, coming into their home or place of work through the webcam.

We are sensitive to your test-takers privacy and all pre-correspondence explains how it works and seeks to make the whole process comfortable as possible.

GDPR compliance is important and any data, video and exam results are kept in an encrypted secure data centre for each exam clients required time


Just like in real exam, the learners ID is checked and recorded as the test-taker is asked to display their ID to the camera. This is check live by the invigilator prior to the exam taking place

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E-learning has fast become the norm for staff and students to take courses faster and in a more cost effective way.

Taking real exmas and qualifications online is the natural next progression.

It's new in the UK and its time to get ahead of the curve.